10 Amazing Online Grocery Shops You Want To Visit

Are you tired of going to the market for fresh vegetables or just to busy to go for grains from your local supermarket? Well, these days you can eat your cake have it. All it takes is a visit to one of these online grocery shops and have your vegetables and grains delivered at your doorstep

Jumia Groceries

Jumia is a household name in Kenya thanks to their decision to diversify. You can buy almost anything from this online store and that includes fresh food and groceries.

Our groceries category has a wide variety of items including the food cupboard that has snacks and packaged food, personal and baby care, household items, drinks and beverages, cooking ingredients which feature-rich spices, sugar, baking ingredients, chocolate syrup and hazelnut syrup, sweeteners and fruit purees among others. ~ Jumia Groceries

Visit Jumia and order your fresh food today.

Kilimall Groceries

Apart from Jumia, Kilimall is probably the second most popular online store in Kenya. What sets Kilimall apart, at least in my opinion, is their pricing. They are mostly affordable. In fact, Kilimall’s online grocery store has more products than most supermarkets you know.

Kilimall continues to expand the mall, with the scope of offerings that will increase in variety, simplicity and convenience. ~Kilimall

Simply visit Kilimall Groceries and have some meat or fish delivered to your doorstep

SkyGarden Home Essentials

My experience with the sky garden is that they are reliable (both in terms of quality and delivery). Comparatively, the sellers on Sky Garden tend to charge their products a bit higher though. But the quality and variety are worth it. I dare say their online grocery store is one of the best organized in Kenya.

Shopping Online Is Way Too Convenient! No queues, you can shop from anywhere and we will bring your order up to your doostep. FREE SHIPPING for all the orders above 3000 KSH ~ SkyGarden

Visit Sky Garden today and order your food. Don’t forget to share your experience via the comment box.


We have everyday essentials like salt, rice, flour, sugar & pulses to not so easily available specialty products like frozen waffles, pepper spray, baby care, international brands & more ~ GroceryPik


Our aim is to bring you the best quality, freshest fruit and vegetables right from the farm. Fresh, quality produce is at the heart of what we do. We want to know where our food comes from, how it’s been grown and just what it contains. ~Zucchini

Wagon Shopping

We provide a platform where people can shop online and delivery is under a span of 2hrs ~ Wagon Shopping

Kalimoni Greens

Kalimoni is your online organic home delivery supermarket! Established in 2005, we are the oldest and most experienced organic home delivery business based in Nairobi. ~ Kalimoni


Yum is the premiere online delivery service for ordering from Nairobi’s best restaurants and grocery stores. Browse through our diverse range of menus and when you order online from your favorite places they are always saved for easy and faster reordering. ~Yum

Herdy Fresh

We seek to provide you unrivaled convenience in your grocery shopping by sourcing high quality products from local farmers and processors widening your selection of options, reducing prices of food products and delivering straight to your home. ~ Herdy Fresh

Tuskys Groceries

We have embraced the use of technology to create the convenience of shopping from home. Tuskys customers can now make purchases from the comfort of their homes and have them delivered to their doorsteps ~ Tuskys

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