8 Best Smartphones From 2018 Still Worth Your Money Today

The competition in the smartphone industry is at an all-time high, complicating our choices in the process. It is not easy to pick the right phone today out of the dozens of almost similar gadgets. You don’t have to worry about that anymore for in this post, we look into the 2018 smartphones you can still buy today.

While there was a tone of smartphones that come up in 2018, they had different strengths, goals, design etc. Based on these differences, it is easy to rank phones under categories. Without further ado, here are the best smartphones in each category:

1. Best Big Smartphone

Unlike yesteryears, smartphones pack large screens these days. The question is how best a phone uses a big screen and body. And, the phone that makes the most use of being big both in terms of hardware and software is Samsung Note 9. It has the best feature sets you can possibly get in a phone of its size.

Galaxy Note 9
Image Credit: Amazon

In terms of hardware, Galaxy Note 9 has the best display (6 inch AMOLED display). The phone also packs a sophisticated dual camera, keeps the headphone and has no notch. Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s 4000 mAh battery and expandable storage mean it can last you through the day and keep all your files respectively.

One of the unique software of Note 9 is the multi-window support. Galaxy Note 9 is like the default phone for a power user and browsing on this phone gives an experience second to none

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Coming close is the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Save for the absence of pen and headphone jack, Mate 20 Pro has a triple camera with focal lens, 4200 mAh, 6.4 inch AMOLED display. It is one of the best big phones out there.

2. Best Compact Phone

As smartphone manufacturers embrace larger designs, we still have small/compact phones in the market. In this category, we look at the best compact phone. The device that condenses all the features of a large premium phone in a relatively smaller body is none other than iPhone 10s.

The S version does all the iPhone 10 Max does with a smaller battery and a smaller display. iPhone Xs packs the same dual camera, RAM, chipst and iOS version.

iPhone 10s
Image Credit: Apple

The runners up will go to Google Pixel 3 (5.5 inch display) which is more appealing than the pixel 3XL only that it has smaller display and a smaller battery. Everything else is the same.

Number 3 is Galaxy S9, 5.8-inch AMOLED display, with great design and 3000mAh battery. The only drawback is that Samsung Galaxy S9 has one less camera than the Galaxy S9+ and less frame. Overall, Galaxy S9 is pretty compact.

3. Best camera phone

Whether it is for taking selfies or video clips of memorable events, today’s smartphone users want nothing short of a great camera. In fact, most buyers prioritize a great camera over other phone features. The winner of the best camera in 2018 is Pixel 3.

Pixel 3
Image Credit: Amazon

Google’s Pixel 3 has a single camera that does better than any other camera on a smartphone. Thanks to its superior software. HDR+ and night sight, the single camera is a head of the rest.

The second best camera in a phone is to be found in iPhone 10s. iPhones are known for great pictures and videos and the 2018 iPhone didn’t disappoint. So, if you are into videos, go for iPhone 10s.

Honourable mention goes to Huawei Mate 20 Pro for excellent use of the triple camera. The phone has 3 unique focal lengths and wide-angle camera for some of the best images you can get from a smartphone

4. Best Battery Life

A phone can have a great design, software or even a camera but still, fail to deliver on battery life. Without a long lasting battery life, your phone may not be as convenient. So, which phone focuses more on good battery without sacrificing design? Well, no one beats Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

Mate 20 Pro
Image Credit: Huawei

Mate 20 Pro has a 4200mAh battery, fast-charging, wireless charging aggressing memory management and actively changing the resolution. You are looking at a phone that will take you through the day even if you are a heavy user.

Runners up for the best battery is iPhone 10R which has the longest lasting battery among iPhones. It has lower resolution though, but you get all the good features of Apple.

An honourable mention is Red Hydrogen one with the largest battery that can last for eternity

5. Best Design

Of late, almost all phones look the same. Most phones have a glass back, dual camera and a notch. Oppo Find X chose a different path and took phone design to another leve.

Oppo Find 10 has a full-on motorized slider that holds the front-facing camera, IR sensors and full facial recognition that pops up everytime you unlock the phone. The phone is simply beautiful and fascinating.

Oppo Find 10
Image Credit: Oppo

Other phones worth mentioning under the category include Xiami Mi Mix 3 and NEX S with a slider and pop up camera respectively.

6. Best Budget Phone

Since most of the phones are expensive, finding a great budget phone is not easy. So, which phone will give you premium features at a pocket-friendly price? Well, Xiami PocoPhone F1 is the king of budget phones. For about $300 you get a phone with Snapdragon 845, 6GB of Ram and 4000mAh battery

PocoPhone is not ugly either. It has premium design the price notwithstanding. This budget phone is better than some flagships.

Pocophone F1
Image Credit: Xiami

Other great budget phones worth mentioning include Nokia 7 and Honor 8X and Huawei Mate 20 Lite. These three phones give more than you pay for.

7. Most Improved Phone

Most phone companies don’t change a lot in terms of design. You can expect iphones to look alike the same with Samsung. But there are phones that have made an improvement worth noting. And the winner is Razer Phone 2 ( from a hardcore gaming phone to a flagship good for both media and gaming).

Razer Phone 2
Image Credit: Razer

Razer Phone 2 is like a finished product of a prototype

8. Best Overall

What if you wanted a bit of everything in one phone? The most complete phone; with the most impact or what you’d call the best phone at the best price is none other than OnePlus 6T.

With all the premium features and the fastest android in a flagship phone, OnePlus costs half the price of most flagship ohones.

OnePlus 6T
Image Credit: Oneplus

The runners up are Galaxy Note 9 and Mate 20 Pro. These phones make you feel you get what you are paying for.


While the above list is nothing near conclusive (seeing there are tones of phones out there), you at least have an idea what to go for depending on your need. A power user should go for Galaxy Note, a photography enthusiast needs a Google Pixel while Huawei Mate will take care of your battery need.

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While not listed here, Sony Xperia series and LG G line has some the best phones money can buy. Be sure to check them our and let’s know what you think via the comment box.

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