8 Key Responsibilities Of A Psychologist

A psychologist job description may vary depending on what the employer wants. Irrespective of the variation, their main role has always been finding remedies for various mental illnesses that affect man. To achieve their goal, these professionals observe patients, ask questions and interpret their findings to get a diagnosis and determine the best course of therapy.

Psychologists are known to work with clients of all ages to help them with physical health problems, depression and adjustment to physical illness. A psychologist job description, therefore, has strict academic and experience requirements. On the other hand, the incumbent is expected to possess some unique skills and abilities especially the interpersonal skill set.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Expected to assess a client’s needs (including their abilities and behavior) using effective methods such as direct observation, psychometric tests, and  interviews 
  • Works alongside doctors,  health visitors, psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, occupational therapists and education professionals to provide quality health care
  • Devising and monitoring the best treatment programs (be it advise, counseling or therapy) are other  responsibilities of a psychologist
  • Offers psychotherapy and treatments for cases like anxiety, addiction, social, depression, interpersonal problems, and strange behavior;
  • Psychologist job description demands them to develop service provision plans for their clients
  • Provides consultation services to other professions as well as promoting the use of psychology in other fields
  • A psychologist offers counsel and supports other people’s  careers;
  • Conducts research to promote the use of psychology in hospital settings

Academic Requirements 

  • The responsibilities of a psychologist demand a degree in Psychology is a must 
  • Masters degree or Ph.D. is an added advantage (not compulsory though)usually requires three or four years of full-time study


  • Must have a minimum of 1-year experience as a psychologist in a hospital or private practice
  • Must be accredited by the government regulator or other recognized bodies 
  • Must have the license to practice in a given state or region

Skills and Abilities

  • Observational skills is part and parcel of every psychologist job description 
  • Must have excellent interpretation skills to make use what they observe in patients
  • Must be comfortable with e basic computer modules to help in making databases or filling reports. Advance computer knowledge is an added advantage
  • A psychologist must have strong interpersonal skills as their work revolves around speaking to people and solving their problem 
  • The responsibilities of a psychologist want one to be calm and soft-spoken. Ability handle negative feedback without loosing temper is a must
  • Must be a fast and critical thinker to provide solution to patient’s concerns within the shortest time possible
  • Must be flexible, dynamic and highly adaptive (i.e. to work anywhere anytime)

A psychologist job description may refer to a specialized or general psychologist. In the first instance, the employer is usually interested in one the many classes of psychologists. For instance, they may be looking for a Clinical, Health, Educational, Occupational, Counseling or Forensic psychologist.

The applicants are therefore advised to keenly examine the contents of the said job description to ensure they applying correctly. In the same breath, employers should specify the type of psychologist they are in need of even if they need a general psychologist.

Lastly, the selection of the right candidate should be primarily based on experience and academic qualification.

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