Apple Watch SE: An Apple Watch On A Budget

Apple has just launched 6 products this evening. The tech giant, apart from launching new models of their popular gadgets, has introduced Apple Watch SE and Fitness+.

Here is a list of products launched in a Time Flies Media Event that ended barely an hour ago

Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE is for entry-level customers, especially those looking for a more affordable option. So, how much a downgrade is this smartwatch from Apple Watch SE? Here is a look at the specs to paint the picture:

    • Uses the older S5 Chip (the same you find in Apple Watch Series 5)
    • Lacks an Always On Display
    • Lacks ECG and Blood Oxygen Level Apps
    • Comes in Aluminum body

Apple Watch SE still gives you some of the most essential features to keep you going. In addition, it costs less $120 less and that can make a big difference.

Go for Series 6 if you mind about the processor, the Oxygen Level App, and so on.

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6 is supposed to be better than Series 4 & 5 in most ways. That’s at least according to Apple. If you are new to Apple smartwatches, then this is a product you may want to give a try.

For those who own Apple Watch Series 4 or 5, an upgrade should depend on how much you need the new features.

Apple Watch Series 6

Speaking of features, here are the new things that come with Watch Series 6:

    • Comes in 3 different finishes (i.e. Blue Aluminum, Graphite Stainless Steel, and Product Red Aluminum)
    • Has 3 brand new bands (i.e. New Solo and Braided Solo  Loop Bands)
    • Blood oxygen sensor (uses infrared light to measure your blood oxygen levels)
    • Comes with a new faster chip (S6 Chip)
    • Elevation Sensor (best for hiking)
    • Can connect to the 5GHz WiFi Band (improved connectivity)
    • Comes with a U1 Ultra-Wideband built-in

Something to note though, Apple Watch Series 6 doesn’t ship with a power adaptor. You’ll have to pay an extra $20 for that. And, no, there is no improvement in battery life. You still get the 18hrs as is the case with Apple Watch Series 5.

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Hopefully, these will help you decide whether or not an upgrade is necessary

Apple Fitness+

Apple Fitness+ is not a gadget but a service/App powered by Apple Watch. The App gives you access to workouts by the world’s top trainers (accessible on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV).

With the service, you get New workouts every week for about $10 a month or $79.99 per year.

New iPad Air

iPad Air 2020 is more refined in design to look like the iPad Pro save for the screen size. You now have 5 colors to choose from (i.e. Silver, Rose Gold, Space Gray, Sky Blue,, and Green) to pick from. Apple iPad Air 2020

Should you upgrade to the New iPad Air 2020? That depends on whether or not you find the new features a must-have. Here are the 3 key features that are unique to the new iPad Air:

    • Comes with an A14 Bionic processor (Apple’s most recent chip)
    • Has a touch id built in the power button?
    • Now supports accessories like Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard
    • Has USB C power brick

The tablet has neither a pro-motion (a high refresh rate) nor a Face ID. And of course, you’ll be limited to one screen size. Simply put, you get a gadget with the capabilities to shoot 4K video on the latest chip at a competitive price.

New iPad

iPad Pro 2020 comes with several improvements in design and GPU. The main upgrade, however, is the Pro-Motion Display. Should you upgrade your iPad though? Well, Apple says the iPadOS14 makes the product more versatile. Here are some features of iPad Pro 2020 you may want to consider before upgrading:

    • 120Hz refresh rate
    • Face Id
    • 4 speakers
    • An additional Ultrawide Camera
    • Supports up to 1TB Storage
    • Has a bigger display
    • Faster A12 Chip and GPU

According to Apple, the new iPad is faster than the competition (e.g. Surface 7 Pro and Galaxy Tab S7 Plus). That’s debatable for now because the tablets just launched and there is no side-by-side performance test.

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Something worth noting, the iPad supports third-party keyboards and mice. That’s some rare flexibility from Apple.

Apple One

Apple One bundles up to six amazing Apple services into one easy subscription. Each family member will enjoy private access to each service, across all their devices.

What the Launch Event Here:

On top of the above video, visit the product pages on Apple’s website and read more about the 6 products. As always, do not hesitate to share your early impressions and thoughts via the comment box.

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