Top 10 Best Water Dispensers in Kenya To Buy Now

Are you shopping for one of the best water dispensers in Kenya money can buy? If yes, then this post is for you. Below is a list of 10 best Dispensers you can get today as long as money is no object.

I’ve carefully picked the dispensers on this list based on product features, customer ratings, and or retail prices. So, go through it and pick the one that best suits your needs.

NOTE: The best water dispensers are not listed in any particular order. I’ve also shared product links from the official stores (on Jumia) to simplify purchase.

Lyons LM-YL1-29B

While Lyons is quite a new brand in Kenya, their products are becoming popular by the day. Why? Because they sell quality products at very competitive rates. On to the Water Dispensers…

LM-YL1-29B squeezes energy-saving technology in an easy to operate dispenser. You don’t have to heat your water every time anymore. This Lyons Water Dispenser only requires single heating for you to enjoy hot or warm water the whole day.


Apart from being easy to use, Lyons LM-YL1-29B boasts an automatic temperature control. You also get durable taps and a safety feature that prevents Dry burning.

Overall, the Lyons Water dispenser will save you energy costs.

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Ramtons RM/431

Ramtons is a household name in Kenya when it comes to home appliances. And, as you already guessed, they are popular for a reason; quality you can trust.

Now, imagine enjoying cold water after jogging or making a hot cup of tea on a  cold evening. Picture yourself cooling your favorite drinks in a mini-fridge in your office. Well, that’s what Ramtons RM/431 brings on board.

You get a water dispenser and a mini-fridge in one lightweight home appliance.


Besides the hot and cold taps, Ramtons RM/431 gives you a mini-fridge with a Climate Class T (can be used in any kind of climate). You also get electricity leakage protection just to list a few.

The Ramtons water dispenser is the best option for those who want a mini-fridge on the side.

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Mika MWD2603/GBL

By now you must have heard of Mika, a major player in Kenya’s appliances market. Mika has a freestanding Water Dispenser with an efficient compressor cooling to guarantee that your water is of the right temperature with every pour. But that’s not all.

Unlike other water dispensers in Kenya, Mika MWD2603/GBL operates quietly thanks to its compressor’s low cycle rate.


Other features like a power protection fuse, stainless steel hot water tank, and Child safety unlock make Mika MWD2603/GBL one of the best water dispensers in Kenya.

This Mika dispenser is great for office or hospital use, though you can perfectly fit it in your living room too.

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Bruhm BWD HC 11R

Bruhm is another company that has penetrated the Kenyan market so fast. They make some of the best kitchen appliances you’ll find in stores. Speaking of great products, Bruhm BWD HC 11R is a lightweight dispenser rocking a 16L fridge.

With this dispenser, you can keep your fruit and milk in the fridge and enjoy cold/hot water whenever you like. Bruhm Water Dispenser also has a technology to kill bacteria, keeping your drinking water pure at all times.


While the presence of a fridge always points to high electricity costs, this isn’t the case with Bruhm BWD HC 11R. The dispenser is energy efficient, durable, uses silicon pipes, and is easy to use.

Bruhm BWD HC 11R water dispenser is good for home, office, or for outdoor use.

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Redberry Dispenser

Redberry is popular for its cost-effective blenders, but theirs isn’t limited to blenders. The company has some of the best water dispensers in Kenya too.

If you are looking for a dispenser with a storage compartment, compressor cooling, and anti-bacterial for your home or office, this particular Redberry dispenser should be among your top choices.

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Yes, enjoying refreshing cold water in your office no longer has to cost more.


With the best Redberry dispenser, you also get an ergonomically placed push tap, a cooler that makes the least noise and consumes the least power.

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Von HWDZ2210SB


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Nexus NX-101 BK


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Rebune RE-8-013 (Cabinet)


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Haier YLR-JX-15


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Nunix R77


Best Water Dispensers in Kenya

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