Chrome Mobile Browser: Quick Review

Google Chrome, a web browser from the internet giant Google Inc, is pre-installed in most if not all android gadgets running on version 4.0 or later. Chrome Mobile Web Browser also works on Windows (e.g Microsoft Lumia 950 and Surface Pro) and iOS (e.g. iPhone and iPad). Let’s take a look at the features, shall we? 

Key Features

There are several features that endear chrome to milliions of users around the world. Here are the four (4) noticiable ones.

  • Supports easy sync of desktop history and bookmarking once you sign in to Chrome Mobile. Once synced, you can import your passwords, get smart suggestions or even view open tabs
  • Allows Unlimited Tabbed Browsing and a faster search. Its support for hardware acceleration makes it possible to render pages even faster
  • Has the Find in Page feature that promotes easy navigation through search results on the same page
  • Has the Incognito Mode which guarantees full privacy when surfing. In other words, Google Chrome for mobile also supports private browsing. 

Pros and Cons

Being a product of a giant brand like Google has its pros and cons. For instance, while it t is easier for consumers to trust your products, they have the highest expectations. Below are what we like about Chrome Mobile Web Browser and what we feel they should look into if they haven’t already


Completely free via the Google Play (for all Android phones and tablets) or App Store (for  iPhone, iPod, and iPad) 

Available for Android (version 4.0 or later) and iOS (Version 5.0 or later)

Ssecure and stable

Supports HTML5 

Has the Chrome Developer Tools 


The full-screen mode might make some tabs disappear at times

Won’t give you the best experience on some windows devices e.g. Surface Tablets 

Reportedly has font recognition glitches

May havee minro JavaScript Incpatiblities issies

Our Verdict

Nothing is perfect and chrome for mobile isn’t either. But the mobile web browser has undergone a lot of ‘refining’. In comparison, you can trust chrome to cover your mobile web browsing needs better than Stock Android Browser. 

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