HMD Global Launches 5 New Nokia Phones

Nokia phones are back with a bang. At the MWC2019, Nokia announced 5 new phones namely Nokia 210, Nokia 1.1, Nokia 3.2, Nokia 4.2 and Nokia 9 PureView Nokia 210

Nokia 210

This is not a smartphone per se, but special feature phone with serious battery life and of course internet connectivity. According to Nokia, 210 phone is the simplest way to connect to the world.

Nokia 1.1 (Nokia 1 Plus)

Nokia 1.1 or plus follows the trend Nokia began recently i.e. production of plus/improved version of each of their earlier phones. It is no wonder Nokia 1.1 has better camera, better screen and above all the latest Android version.

Nokia 3.2

Nokia 3.2 is an improvement on Nokia 3.1, a 2018 phone. The model rocks a whopping 6.3-inch HD+ screen and a battery that can last you up to 2 days. Nokia 3.2 has face unlock and a faster fingerprint sensor. In other words, you can now do more with Nokia 3.

Nokia 4.2

If you recall or are a fan of Nokia phones, you already know we didn’t have a Nokia 4. So, this is a completely new introduction. Obviously, the phone is better than Nokia 3 and its variants to bridge the gap between Nokia 3 and 5. It’s mainly a to do list kinda phone to help you navigate through daily routine with ease.

Nokia 9 Pureview

The rumors are now facts, Nokia with 5 cameras is a reality. Pureview is what you’d call Nokia’s 2019 Flagship phone and a way to regain the company’s lost glory. Lest you forget, Nokia was one of the leaders in matters phone cameras.

Summary of Nokia’s new phones

Will review each of the phones as soon.

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