Into Gas Grilling? Here Are The 5 Must-Have Accessories

Those who have attended a barbecue party may not be strangers to the grilling. This is a popular cooking method where heat is put directly on to the surface of food. In other words, there are no cooking pots when grilling. Instead, there is an open wire grid (also known as grill) with heat source placed above or below it.

Cooking is achieved through thermal radiation or direct conduction. All you need to do is expose the food to the right temperature and over given time (depending on the recipe). From charcoal to gas to eclectic grills, homeowners can pick what matches their grilling needs.

Advantages of gas grilling 

Unlike charcoal or electric grills, gas grills utilize propane or natural gas for heating.  The fact that gas grilled food and those grilled using charcoal have almost similar flavor is an added advantage. Not only are gas grills easy to use but also have numerous essential grill accessories and special features. Here are the common features you will find in a good gas grill:

  • Storage Drawers – Provide storage for grills accessories such as the gas tank and hold food residues 
  • Smoker Box – Ensure your food have smoky flavor just like the ones prepared on charcoal grill
  • Electronic Ignition – Saves time since you only need to push a button to ignite your grill
  • Burners – You primary source of heat for cooking
  • Rotisseries – A feature that enables you to cook big portions of meat and chicken etc
  • Cooking Grates – This is where you put the food. Grates are made of cast iron, coated aluminum or stainless steel to suit your grilling needs.

The above features make gas grills more convenient. For instance, you simply push a knob to turn it on. They also have inbuilt thermometer to guarantee controlled temperature while grilling. Again, gas grills are easy to clean because they cool down faster. If you are looking for a portable barbecue maker then you have it in a gas grill.

Essential gas grill accessories

As alluded to earlier, gas grills have many accessories. However, you cannot do without some grill accessories. These not only make your grilling easier but safer too.

Gas Grill

Here is a list of five accessories you should have before you invite people to your barbecue party:

  1. Grill Thermometer – This is the only way you will know if your food is cooked at good temperature. Without a thermometer, you cannot rule out the chances of serving undercooked meals.  
  2. Seasoning Rub – The rubs makes the preparation of meats or fish simpler. They are available in organic food markets and have various herbs to give your meat and fish a pleasant taste 
  3. Grill Brush – One of the grill accessories that ensure you prepare meals on clean grills. The brushes are mainly for cleaning and should be chosen carefully. In fact, you should consider quality and length when buying a grill brush
  4. Grill Basket – This is better than a foil since it allows the smokiness to permeate through the basket to give the best flavor. You get the same taste you’d have if you used charcoal
  5. Griller’s Cookbook – It may be erroneously listed among the least important grill accessories. However, a Cookbook gives ideas on how to grill almost all type of food. From grilling fruits to side dish recipes, you have all you need to complete your menus in a Cookbook.

Other grill accessories you should consider buying include the long-handled tongs. The tongs help in turning and even seasoning during grilling. Using a flipping tool such as a spatula ensures your barbecue is properly cooked. At times a Barbecue Sauce may help in case you lack the Seasoning Rub.

Advice on buying

You may be reading this and wondering how to go about buying your grill accessories. Well, the trick lies in a brief online search for grills based on your preferences. For instance, factoring in the size, grill material and extra features during your search will always point you to the right grill. Needless to say, you should look for the best bargains from reputable sellers.

Where possible, buy a gas grill with important grill accessories. This will save time and money as well as ensure that you have quality products. Finally, it is advisable that you consult friends who already own grills prior to buying.

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