Social Media Specialist: The Ultimate Job Description

Social media job description may involve lots of responsibilities. However, their activities can be summarized as the management and use social media to promote products. Social media jobs demand the dedication and experience as sales and marketing.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Social media job involves implementing social media strategies, determining the objectives and establishing what needs to be done to accomplish the company goals
  • Managing social media sites by ensuring the accounts are always updated daily with relevant and interesting messages 
  • Monitoring feedbacks from the customers and engaging them in healthy dialogue (i.e. encouraging and thanking individuals for positive feedback while trying the unhappy ones
  • Analyzing trends using social media tools  with the aim of reaching the most customers thus beating the competition 
  • Frequently scouring the internet and the news headlines for relevant articles to share and keep the followers or customers engaged 
  • Implementing and effective social media campaigns through the use of e-coupons and freebies to encourage more people to  ‘like’ them on Facebook or ‘follow’ them on Twitter 
  • Monitoring the implemented social media campaigns  to measure success and effect changes where necessary 
  • Writing unique and interesting blog articles to promote the company’s products and services. Social media job description may require the incumbent to outsource bloggers
  • Using social networking analysis tools such as Google Analytics, Alexa or TwitterCounter, to understand traffic activity and click-through rates 
  • The social media job also entails the internet for the latest topics of conversation and using them to pass across their product information (in as relevant way as possible)
  • Preparing and submitting reports when asked by the marketing or sales department.
  • Promoting the use of social media within the organization by educating staff on its importance
  • Helping other staff do their work, promoting teamwork and boosting company’s service delivery are other social media job  

Academic Requirements 

  • At least some college education is required (a social media job description may demand as low as a high school diploma)
  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience required for social media managers
  • Degree in Marketing or Public Relations may be required in some places 


  • Must have at least 1 year Social Media Marketing experience
  • 1-2 years experience in Marketing and or Public Relations
  • Must have expert knowledge in using social media platforms such as Facebook,YouTube, Pinterest, Google+,  Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Skills and Abilities

  • Should be comfortable with emerging trends and technology
  • Must have stronger interpersonal skills 
  • Be an excellent communicator (i.e. a good writer, speaker, listener problem solver)
  • Social media job requires strong leadership, project management and organizational skills
  • Must have some creative design skills
  • Community Management is part of the social media job description 
  • Must have a strong analytical mind and be a visionary
  • Should have some tactical skills as well as good presentation skills
  • Must be patient and capable of handling negative feedback politely 
  • Must be  a quick learner and opportunistic (i.e. take advantage of the latest social media marketing tools) 

Though social media job may appear simple, marketing and strong public relationship experience is needed. Employers must therefore look for such experience during hiring. Other academic qualifications and skill set requirements should not be regarded higher that relevant experience.

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