Top 100 Online Shopping Websites In Kenya

Online shopping is growing in Kenya. Not only is there an increase in the number of Kenyans who prefer buying products/services from the comfort of their homes, but also a growth in the number of shopping websites to meet the growing demands. Without going into the advantages of buying products online, you’ll agree that ordering grocery via your phone and having it delivered at your doorstep is more convenient than walking/driving to an actual market for the same.

In this post, I list over 70 shopping sites in Kenya to simplify your next purchase. To simplify your choice, I’ve categorised the sites into Ecommerce and Classifieds with subcategories under each.

See, there are challenges when it comes to finding the right online store to buy from. Others promise what they can’t deliver as some deliver what you didn’t order. So, to be safe, here is a carefully picked list of shops and marketplaces you can buy from.

A. Ecommerce Sites

Kenyans do their shopping from online stores (here in reffered to as e-commerce websites), from classifieds (free/premium) and from social media marketplaces. Let’s begin our list of online shops with ecommerce websites.

Top General Online Shops in Kenya

From smartphones to blankets, these websites have it all under one roof.

1. Jumia

Jumia is undoubtedly the most popular online shopping site in Kenya, both in terms of traffic and product lines. From spoons to beds, Jumia has everything under one roof.

I’ve bought a phone, Headphones, TVs and even a mattress from Jumia. And, from experience, I can say that Jumia delivers exactly what you order most of the time if not all the times. To get the best bargain (save for when they have flash sales, Black Fridays or Cyber Mondays), compare prices before ordering.

Jumia, in case you didn’t know, has allowed several other sellers to use their platform. This explains the different prices of say Tecno Camon 11 on the site. The trick, however, go for the lowest price as long as it has warranty.

When it comes to shipping, you’ll pay more if you chose doorstep delivery instead a pickup station. Always go for the doorstep delivery if you have the extra coin for convenience sake. Otherwise, choose the nearest pickup station. And, don’t forget to confirm your order when they call.

Top 100 Online Shopping Websites In Kenya

2. Kilimall

Kilimall’s only difference from Jumia, apart from comparatively cheaper prices, is their pay before delivery policy. See, while other online shops will allow you to order products and pay on delivery (a big risk on their parts as some shoppers do change their minds last minute), at Kilimall you pay then wait for your delivery.

From my experience, Kilimall delivers faster and in most cases what you ordered. Sadly, some of the products aren’t genuine. I’ve had a very bad experience ordering flash disks from this site. They were cheaper yes, but also unusable. You shouldn’t worry though as you can return the products and get a full refund (including the shipping fee) .

Just like Jumia, be available when the delivery guy calls otherwise you will end up waiting longer.

Saving Tips: Go for the flash sales and take advantage of every promos Kilimall has

3. Masoko

Safaricom decided to venture into online shopping by creating a fully fledged ecommerce site by the name Masoko. And thanks to the multi-vendor feature, Masoko has it all under one roof. From needles to furniture.

Save for the products under “SUPER DEALS”, Masoko sells at comparatively high rates. On the flip side, they don’t gamble i.e their products are genuine (at least from my experience).

Again, to save on this site, visit the SUPER DEALS page and or take advantage of their occasional promos.

4. Jamboshop

Yet another popular online shopping site in Kenya where you can buy your next gadget or bedding. Jambo Shop has some of the friendliest rates around when it comes to smartphones. Give them a try and share your experience.

5. Avechi

If there is one thing that sets this online shop apart is their stock when it comes to phones. Instead of waiting for a decade for Oneplus to open shop in Kenya, you visit Avechi and order one as soon as it is released. They have this “Global Shipping” thing that enables them to avail any gadget locally.

At Avechi, the promos and special launches never end. Be sure to take advantage of these deals for great bargains.

6. Tuskys Online

You know the conventional Tuskys Supermarket, right? Well, this is their online site for those who don’t want to queue at the counter. As to whether it has everything you’d find at your local Tuskys store, that’s a debate for another day.

Good thing to note; the “lipa pole pole” option is available for online shoppers as well.

Saving Tips: Go the “LATEST DEALS” section and you might find what you want at more than 30% off.  

7. Naivas Online

Naivas became popular due to their considerably cheaper rates. And, Naivas Online is here to reach you who don’t have time to walk from one floor to the next looking for products.

Saving Tips: Click the Big Save and buy at ridiculously low rates.

8. Skygarden

Sky.Garden is where vender without ecommerce websites of their own converge. Thanks to that, Sky Garden has it all under one roof. From fashion to home home appliances, you are guaranteed some of the best products on the site.

From experience (have bought several things from Sky Garden), this is the fastest shopping site in Kenya when it comes to delivery. Their “Same day delivery” plan ensures you receive your orders in less than 12hrs.

Sadly, and this depends with individual’s financial abilities, Sky.Garden sells at prices even higher than Masoko. Something you could get from Kilimall at 500/- might cost upwards of 700/- at Sky.Garden.

Saving Tips: Take advantage of their many promos and compare prices from various vendors on the platform before settling on the most affordable.

9. Shopit

ShopIT is technically a onestop computer shop with a few home appliances and office equipment here and there. While theirs is nothing close to a beautiful website, it is user friendly and with all the info you need.

Be sure to use their online chat option should you need more information on a product or looking for what’s not in their online catalogue. And don’t hesitate to share your experience with us via the comment box.

10. Technix

Technic is a relatively new online shopping website focusing on electronics and home and living. They claim theirs are the best prices you can come across but that remains a matter of debate.

They have a paybill on their website and promise countrywide delivery. You can give them a try and let’s know about your experience.

Other General Online Shops

  1. JazaCart ~ For affordable TVs and smartphones
  2. Amanbo ~ You want to buy electronic cheap from China? This is your site
  3. GoSoko ~ Great for wholesalers…you can import from China directly from the site
  4. Mr. Duka ~ An online to offline shop…you search for the product you want online then go buy it at a physical store nearby
  5. E-mart ~ Brings Kenya’s Supermarkets (Naivas, Tuskys, FoodPlus, QuickMart, Carrefour etc) to you…you shop they deliver
  6. Online Supermarket ~ Used sell gift vouchers you could use to shop in local supermarkets…now they are just a typical ecommerce site. Prices are in US dollars though
  7. ePepea ~ Have retailers in your neighborhood…so you just order products online and tell them where to deliver and the closest retailer will deliver when you want
  8. PataBay ~ Have great deals on electronics and fashion
  9. Omall ~ I love their affordable electronics, especially subwoofers. Call them before you order just in case)
  10. Omar Marketplace ~ Some of the most affordable rates on phones, you’ll love them for that
  11. Fargo Shopping (you buy from them and the reputable Fargo Company guarantees FREE delivery)
  12. Yaoota (technically a search engine for shops and products, search what you want and they’ll show you where to buy it including the price)
  13. Goga ( aim at providing you with the latest electronics in the market at the most affordable prices)

Top Online Electronics Shops in Kenya

1. Hotpoint

Hotpoint is one of the largest retailers/wholesalers of consumer electronics and entertainment products in Kenya. Are you a fan of LG products? Well, Hotpoint enjoys Sole Distributorship Agency for LG Electronics status.

Top 100 Online Shopping Websites In Kenya

The good thing, they stock products from other global brands too. Be sure to check their site for crazy sales deals on TVs, Microwaves, and Washers.

2. Infinix Mall

To take advantage of the growing market for its products, Infinix created an online store. To avoid falling for counterfeits, get your Infinix phone, battery or other accessories from Infinixmall. You are safe buying directly from the manufacturer, don’t you agree?.

3. Saruk

Are you looking for projectors or certified refurbished computers? Well, Saruk has you covered. They are a bit expensive though. You may want to take advantage of their sales and offers to get your printers and cameras at some of the most affordable rates.

4. ShopSasa

ShopSasa is an online shopping site for electronics. You can get the best deals during their computer week with up to 50% off on laptops. Of course, ShopSasa delivers to most parts of the country and you can choose to pay on delivery.

5. Ramtons

Ramtons is a household name in Kenya when it comes to home and kitchen appliances. Instead of buying from a third party, you can buy directly from Ramtons’ website and enjoy their flexible countrywide delivery. Be sure to check out Ramtons’ clearance sale for great discounts

6. LG Brand Shop

LG Electronics Kenya official Online store for all its products, Smart TV, OLED TV, UHD TV, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Microwave, and air-conditioning. You don’t have to gamble, LG Brand Shop only stocks genuine LG Products. Be sure to take advantage of their free delivery.

7. Price In Kenya

Initially, a reviews website, Price in Kenya is today one of the most popular sites to buy electronics in Kenya. They have both online and physical stores for convenience. Check them out for original smartphones at some of the most competitive rates

8. Phone Place Kenya

As the name suggests, Phone Place Kenya is the home of smartphones. I’ve bought some Huawei phones from them and referred clients to them and can say they sell genuine gadgets. And yes, there is room for a bargain at Phone Place despite the fact that theirs are some of the best rates in the market today.

9. Phones Tablets Kenya

This online shop has a wide variety of Tablets to meet your need. For convenience, Phones Tablet Kenya has both online and offline stores. While I don’t find their pricing the most pocket-friendly, people who’ve bought their products testify they are as genuine as they come.

10. Rondamo

You might have come across their computer ads on Facebook. Well, Rondamo Technologies is an established store where you can buy brand new and refurbished laptops. They sell other electronics from Printers to TVs cameras. Rondamo boasts of countrywide delivery, great discounts, and reliable customer care support.

Other online electronics shops

  1. FGee Online (some of the best deals on printers)
  2. The Tomorrow Technology (affordable phones, tablets, TVs and home theaters)
  3. Nairobi Home Appliances (fridges, cookers and deep freezers)
  4. Grantech (allows you to pay for products in installments)
  5. Luxmedia (From TVs to Cameras)
  6. Obee (For affordable phones and TVs)
  7. Smart Move Shop (Phones and Accessories)
  8. Mobile Hub ( Phones, Tablets, Laptops, TVs, etc)
  9. Mcphilips Digital (from cameras to brand new high-end laptops)
  10. Zuri Digital (Used and new computers)
  11. Elite Digital (All things apple from iPods to MacBooks)
  12. Sweech (for some great accessories)
  13. Etech (for new and refurbished copiers and printers)
  14. Dove Computers (for computers, printers, and accessories)
  15. Gadget World (for affordable computers and accessories)
  16. Bright Technologies (for computers, phones, and accessories)
  17. Bigman Computers (laptops, desktops, and accessories)
  18. SimbaPOS (Point of Sale Machines and software)
  19. Mac & More ( for Apple products and repairs)
  20. Glantix (computers and accessories)
  21. Techbuyz (for graphics cards, motherboards, power supply, etc)
  22. MicTouch (affordable computers and accessories)
  23. Nangos (new smartphones at competitive rates)

Top Online Fashion Shops in Kenya

These online shops deal mostly if not exclusively in fashion. Instead of visiting a general store for a shoe, why not check it out in one of the online shopping websites below?

  1. Fab Guru
  2. Binti
  3. LeStyle Parfait
  4. Style Connection
  5. Vivo Woman
  6. Sarai Afrique
  7. Keba Clothing
  8. Tique A Bou
  9. Fashion 254
  10. Just Brands Kenya

Top Online Grocery Shops in Kenya

Are you tired of going to the market for fresh vegetables or just to busy to go for grains from your local supermarket? Well, these days you can eat your cake have it. All it takes is a visit to one of these online grocery shops and have your vegetables and grains delivered at your doorstep

  1. GroceryPik
  2. Ranchoplus
  3. City Park Market
  4. Zucchini
  5. Verdura Groceries
  6. Wagon Shopping
  7. Kalimoni Greens
  8. Yum
  9. Herdy Fresh
  10. HaraQisha

Top Online Pharmacies in Kenya

You may be too busy or unwell to visit a local pharmacy. No need to worry. Here are some of the online website you can visit and order medicine. As a rule of the thumb, go for pay on delivery option so that you can confirm the quality of the drug you are buying.

  1. MyDawa
  2. ePharmacy
  3. PharmacyDirect
  4. PharmaShop
  5. Western Cosmetics

B. Classifieds

General Classifieds

An online classified is a site that allows individuals or shops to ADVERTISE their products and services. They are neither responsible for the quality of products or services. In fact, you may never meet the owners or operators of most online classifieds as the business is between you the buyer and the seller.

You must exercise extreme caution when buying from a classified since there is no one to guarantee quality. Ensure you meet in a public place and see or test the product before you pay. Otherwise, there are hundreds of fraudsters on these sites taking advantage of unsuspecting buyers.

Below a list of top online classifieds in Kenya

1. Olx

OLX is the leading online marketplace in Kenya that enables Kenyans to sell their used items and get good deals on items. Search for the product/service you are interested, compare the prices and contact the sellers via olx messenger or simply call them. Interrogate the seller about the product and arrange a meet if convinced.

Top 100 Online Shopping Websites In Kenya

2. Pigiame

Pigiame is like Olx and as old. They have go an extra mile to verify advisers on their platform. To be safe therefore, buy your products/services from verified sellers.

PigaMe is all about safety for both buyers and sellers. Automated checks allow us to early identify fraudulent users. More importantly, we ensure that everything on PigiaMe is thoroughly reviewed by our team and passes our high-quality standards.


3. Kenyads

A general classifieds you may want to visit. Kenya Ads is over 7 years old and has quite a variety to meet your online shopping needs

4. Jumia Deals

This is Jumia’s response to websites like OLX. It is quite busy with great offers under the real estate category

5. Biashara

With jisort na biashara as its slogan, Biashara is another free classifieds you can visit to buy almost anything.

6. Locanto

Locanto is a free, user-to-user local community classifieds site. You can use the site to post and search ads, to find a new place to live, buy a new car, find a job and much more. To eliminate spammers, they have premium ads…

7. The Star Classifieds

One search, all ads. It is your search engine for all classifieds in Kenya

8. Buy and Sell

One of the upcoming classifieds website in Kenya. Visit for serious offers on good and services

9. E-soko

ESoko Kenya is an online portal that allows you to buy goods and services by browsing the products and arranging a meet or delivery with the seller. You can get great bargains from this website

10. keBuy Sell

A general classified website you would love to use for your daily needs. You can buy household goods at half price.

Other general classifieds

  1. Tuuze
  2. Digger Classifieds

Real Estate Classifieds

While these classifieds websites may showcase other products and services, they mainly focus on helping you buy or rent a house. Check them out

  1. Buy Rent Kenya
  2. Property24
  3. CommercialKe
  4. Zidi Property
  5. RentLine
  6. My Property
  7. Maskani Kenya

Car Classifieds

You want to buy a car? Here are some of online sites you can visit for a great deal on your next car.

  1. Checki
  2. Oro
  3. Kostbar Motors
  4. Kenya Car Bazaar
  5. Auto Classifieds Kenya
  6. Kenya Auto Bazaar
  7. Car Bazaar
  8. UzaBoss

C. Facebook Groups/Shops

Facebook is not just for socializing, it is a ready marketplace. Here are some of the 3 popular groups you could join for great deals on products and services.

  1. Used Household Items in Kenya – UHIK ~ As the name suggests, it is for used goods from those moving or upgrading. Because the rates are always lower, the competition is high. So, it helps to contact the seller when you are ready with the money. Don’t forget to bargain a little 🙂
  2. Kilimani Mums Marketplace ~ Is a general market place, anything goes. But as is with every Facebook Marketplace, please be careful of the many conmen/women selling snake oil on the platform.
  3. Digital Farmers Kenya ~ Anything to do with farming from farm produce to products to animals, everything goes. The group also shares some serious farming tips to help you get started or make a profit.

Other online shops

Here are additional online shopping stores in Kenya to make your shopping experience even better. Please let me know through the comment box should you reach a broken link or a website that no longer exists/sells.

  1. BuyUSA (you buy from any store in the US or UK and have it delivered to you in Kenya)
  2. UK Dukas ( you shop from any UK online store and they deliver to you in Kenya)
  3. SuperBox (deals in imported kitchenware and electronics)
  4. Box ( you make orders from online merchants like Amazon, among others, and enjoy doorstep delivery in Kenya )
  5. SureGifts (if you want to send someone a shopping voucher or a gift card, this is where to buy it)
  6. Soy’s (where to get your liquor)

In Conclusion…

It matters not whether you choose to buy from an eCommerce, free classifieds or a social media group, only buy from a reliable seller. An ecommerce site selling brand new products without a warranty should be avoided the same as a seller on classifieds/Facebook who wants you to send money before they deliver your product.

As a rule of the thumb (when buying from a free classified or Facebook) meet the seller IN A PUBLIC PLACE (where you are most comfortable), access the product or discuss the service and only pay when you are ABSOLUTELY convinced the product/service matches your needs.

Let me know your experience with any of the sites listed above by commenting below. Otherwise happy online shopping

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