Want To Be A Great Manager? Here Are The 9 Skills You Need

The manager is responsible for planning, directing and overseeing the running of a business unit or department. They are charged with the maintaining work systems, enforcement of company policies, and ensuring that all the procedures are followed.

Most importantly, it is every manager’s goal to promote the optimum performance of both personnel and resources in a company. Therefore, the highest organizational and leadership skills are just among the many abilities and skill set this job demands.

On the other hand, a good manager must be well educated (i.e. has at least a bachelor’s degree in relevant fields).

Primary Responsibilities

  • Manages all the aspects of a department such as the finances, operations, budget and other activities of the department 
  • Plans and ensure the full implementation of systems to meet the company goals
  • Allocates resources needed for staffing with the aim of meeting departmental productivity and quality demands
  • Makes responsible and justifiable business decisions (i.e. in line with organization’s policies and procedures)
  • Designing and sustaining quality control measures in the department are expected of every good manager
  • Reviews records of performance from the different department (e.g. financial and sales reports) and making the necessary recommendations or changes
  • Prepares intervallic reports for management as asked by the company executives with the aim of meeting the company’s strategic goals
  • Corresponds regularly with other managers or high-ranking company staff to give updates and or recommendations
  • Works with the human resource to hire the right employees
  • Mentors and develops staff (especially the new employee who need orientation and guidance)
  • Enables employees to meet their targets by delegating duties, promoting accountability and asking for regular response 
  • Promotes teamwork spirit and unity among department members with aim of fostering openness and problem sharing in the company 
  • Create a safe and conducive working condition for all staff. Also makes sure that the customers get safe products and quality services in line with the company’s policies
  • Leads by example to promote integrity and openness in the company 
  • Disciplines the employees in collaboration with the human resource if need be
  • Attend trainings and workshops as instructed by the company’s board to improve managerial skills 
  • A good manager handles any other responsibilities assigned

Academic Requirements

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in business or any other related discipline 
  • Every good manager should have specialized training in human resource management is often preferred.


  • A good manager should have a minimum of 3 years of responsible leadership experience in management or supervisory positions may be required.

Skills and Abilities

  • Should have knowledge and experience in business and the operations of the specific department
  • Powerful communication skills is a must
  • Visible interpersonal skills, leaderships and coaching abilities are preferred
  • Must have management know-how in a team-oriented workplace
  • Should have verifiable knowledge of basic economic, accounting  and good budgeting practices
  • A good manager must be highly organized, a fast decision maker and a keen problem solver
  • Must have a mastery of computer office suite and any other relevant program 
  • Must be conversant with the latest management practices, employment laws and customer/employee relations
  • Must exhibit the ability to keep secrets

A manager is a high-ranking company staff. Therefore, maturity and vast experience should be given the first priority when hiring. One thing is for sure, you can be a good manager should with practice.

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