What Exactly Does A Company Dispatcher Do?

A dispatcher arranges transport and ensures the delivery of items to customers by verifying orders. Taking inventories and scheduling workers. In most cases, they dispatch work crews, passengers or service vehicles and other equipment.

Consequently, they are expected to have experience with telephone, radio calls and other computers to enhance communication with the relevant people or firms. So, what are the responsibilities of company dispatchers?

Primary Responsibilities

  • Program and send workers, service vehicles to different destinations as per the customer’s requests
  • Plan for repairs to ensure that service delivery is not stalled
  • Spread work orders and information between workers and other staff via telephones or radios
  • Talk with customers or the in-charge in case there are issues or need to repair the equipment
  • Manage all communications falling under the responsibilities of company dispatchers
  • Supervise personnel and equipment to effectively coordinate service and schedules
  • Keep and maintain records of requests, services performed, inventory, dispatch information and expenses
  • Detail the types and number of equipment and material, personnel required to successfully accomplish orders or specifications.
  • Informing the work crew about traffic problems, weather conditions or construction areas to ensure smooth dispatch is also among the responsibilities of company dispatchers
  • Guarantee professional movement of transport vehicles according to their orders and schedules.

Academic Requirements

  • To execute the responsibilities of company dispatchers, one needs a minimum of a High School Diploma
  • College degree may be required depending on the type of dispatch work
  • Certification and board membership is an added advantage in some areas


  • Must have some experience in Transportation (be it by air, sea, road o rail)
  • Should have clerical experience and be proficient in word processing, record management, transcription, and stenography 
  • 1-2 year experience as a dispatcher is an added advantage 

Skills and Abilities

  • Must be an active Listener i.e. to giving people the full attention they deserve and answering their questions competently
  • Should be a good judge/decision maker i.e. have the ability to choose between options and pick the best solution for the company
  • Must be an excellent communicator with strong comprehension, writing and speaking skills to deliver information effectively 
  • Must be time conscious to meet deadlines if they keen on fulfilling the responsibilities of company dispatchers
  • Must be a logical thinker i.e. has the skills to reason and identify the strengths and weaknesses of available solutions to their work related problems
  • Should be able to monitor and assess personal performance as well as the performance of others, make improvements or take corrective measures 
  • Active and strategic learner i.e. one who can grasp new information and share it effectively or use it to solve problems
  • Must have some technical skills to help in troubleshooting the various communication devices
  • Should be service oriented (always devising means to assist others)
  • Must have strong coordination and operative skills 
  • Social perceptiveness and ability to effectively manage personnel are compulsory when carrying out the responsibilities of company dispatchers
  • Should have documentation and data entry skills, be strong and be able to multitask
  • Emotional control and dependability are also needed 
  • Must have exceptional reporting and presentation skills 

A dispatcher’s roles may involve handling emergencies. As such, it is sensitive and requires someone who has attention to details and problem sensitivity.

The employers should, therefore, pick the suitable candidates based on such qualifies provided they have the necessary academic requirement. Only then will they end up with candidates apt to the responsibilities of company dispatchers.

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